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Woman's Club of Coconut Grove

2016 Events

The Villagers Tea
January 10, 2016

The Villagers Tea

All menu items were made by baker extroadinaire Amy Goodhart and her team of assistants.  Luscious Scones, tea breads, cookies, tarts, jams, cream, fresh fruits, cheeses, finger sandwiches (cucumber, tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad), assorted teas.



The Villagers, founded in 1966, is a membership organization of 100 active members and over 100 associate and sustaining members.  Its mission is to “protect, advocate for, and promote our special places, structures, sites and objects which have architectural, cultural, environmental or historical significance.”  The organization raises money through various events, including an annual house tour and a garden tour, an historic hunt and silent auction and several other smaller events.  The funds raised are given as grants to historic sites in Miami-Dade County to help with their preservation.  Almost every historic place which is accessible to the public in the County has received funds, in excess of $1 million over the history of the organization.  There is also a long-standing scholarship program to assist students in the fields of architecture and historic preservation, which has given out over $300,000.     

In the late 1990s, the Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove received the first of several Villager grants which were vital to the preservation of the historic clubhouse.  At the same time, many Villagers joined the Club and helped to revitalize the membership, thus creating an enduring legacy of friendship.    

For more information on the Villagers, click here. 

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