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Groom’s Cakes: Are they really a thing? - The Woman's Club of Coconut Grove

At the South Floridan weddings we are all accustomed to, we do not find many couples opting for adding a groom’s cake to the mix. Are they really a “thing”?

Well, did you know that the tradition was birthed in Victorian England. YES! Groom’s cakes have been around for much longer than expected. This type of cake is usually chocolate and much richer than the regular wedding cake. As well as being topped with fruits like strawberries! Yum!

Now the tradition has been primarily adopted by Southerners here in the state.

Guys love showing off how much they love their alma mater, their favorite sports team, or their favorite hero.

In an industry where the primary focus is on the woman, the men can tend to feel a bit left out. Groom’s cakes are a great way to let your man feel inclusive, even if he doesn’t care about any of the other details.

So if you have a sweet tooth, consider adding a groom’s cake to your cake and desserts table at your wedding.

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