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Tips For Planning Your Perfect Day #1 - Woman's Club of Coconut Grove

Tip #1: Determine your WHERE before your WHEN!

Be a little flexible with the date. This helps immensely when choosing your dream venue.

More often then you would think, your dream venue is someone else’s dream venue as well.

If you are locked into a date (especially if you booked the church before your venue), you will be hopping around  just looking for any place.

At times, what couples fail to consider is when you are having a religious ceremony, the church will book three or four weddings that day. Whereas, reception venues (at least ours anyway) book one event per day. So, there is less of a chance to find a venue available after booking the church.

Not to mention, some brides start booking venues two years out! If you are recently engaged and just started your venue shopping process, we would not advise taking too long to book a venue. Dates go like hot cakes!

Do your research into a space you really want and everything will fall into place.

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