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Honeymoon or Toasters? - Woman's Club of Coconut Grove

At some point, we have all been at the receiving end of a gift exchange and wished the giver would have just given you what you really wanted – cash!  But is it taboo to request cash in lieu of your wedding gift?

It’s 2015! Our answer is of course not!

Honeymoon or Toasters?In this generation, there are more couples living together prior to marriage. Logically, no one would ask for a toaster or spatula set if they already have one, right?

More often, couple are creating honeymoon registries. Giving your guests the option to buy your dinner during your first night or  paying for your zip line excursion makes them feel like they are really contributing to the best part of your wedding!

Maybe you want your guests to give towards a downpayment to your forever home or home improvement gift cards from Home Depot.

Get creative with your registry and ask for what you really want. Your family and friends are all gathered to help see you off to your new life together. When it’s time to thank them, you will really mean it!

See you next Monday!

Talk soon!

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