Woman's Club of Coconut Grove

Arts & Culture

Serving as a social, educational and cultural center 

Throughout its 127-year history, Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove has served as a beacon in the community presenting artistically and culturally diverse performing, visual, literary and musical arts. Through the arts, the club provides historical interpretations of early Coconut Grove history. 

Contact our Cultural Affairs Manager Travis Neff with suggestions for future events at travis.wccg@gmail.com 

To sponsor an upcoming event, contact Marlene Erven at  womansclubcoconutgrove@gmail.com 

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The club also serves as a community cultural resource center. An active archives team completes more than a dozen research projects each year cataloging, restoring and preserving the club’s history. The club’s library contains photographs, club documentations and news clippings that represents the rich history of the club and Coconut Grove. The team transcribes these historical documents for digital archiving and is engaged in artifact acquisition, photo and video documentation and regularly collaborates with other historical/education organizations such as University of Miami’s Richter Library. The club and its Archives Team is committed to helping future generations understand their heritage.



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